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Date: 09/09/18 10:52
Another question: Lightning arresters
Author: mile250

Here's an image of two lightning arresters (sometimes spelled arrestors) from American Railway Signaling Principles and Practice, “Signal Power and Lightning Protection,” by the Association of American Railroads Signal Section, March 1959. I'm guessing they're about one foot tall. Can someone confirm their size?

Date: 09/09/18 13:39
Re: Another question: Lightning arresters
Author: PHall

The one on the right looks a lot like the ones AT&T used on their equipment. About 6 inches long and about 1/2 inches in diameter.

Date: 09/13/18 19:14
Re: Another question: Lightning arresters
Author: NDHolmes

About a foot long is about right for those particular units.  Maybe 3 inches in diameter.  I can get you exact dimensions from a very similar unit to the one on the right, but it's in my collection at home and I'm headed for Chicago and the 765 runs this weekend.  Depending on the working line voltage, these things can be quite large.  I have a porcelain one that's 2.5 feet long, and they get much, much bigger as line voltage rises.  The one with the cap on the left could actually be about 18 inches tall. 

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