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Railroaders' Nostalgia > He polished up well.

Date: 10/20/18 12:30
He polished up well.
Author: eminence_grise

"Mac" is in his eighties now, and still meets fellow seniors for a coffee and a chat.

Back in the mid-1980's, CP offered "bridging" style early retirement to operating employees at high seniority terminals. This allowed employees over 50 to stay home and receive a percentage of their average monthly wage until they were 55, and then retire on a regular pension.

Some of those who were fed up with working for the railway did it, and others who had other things to do took the opportunity.

It was for a limited time and was only offered at a few crew bases.

"Mac" worked at a location with two freight railroads and Via Rail passenger service. Through the railroader grapevine, he had heard that Via was looking to hire qualified conductors. The host railroad CN would not allow their employees to bid on Via work . "Mac" went to work for Via and spent a couple of years working as a conductor.

In the mid 1990's, Via abolished the conductor position on passenger trains. Via offered generous retirement packages in the hope that most train crew members would simply retire with a bonus. That didn't happen, certain conductors rigorously challenged the decision with some success. 

"Mac' wouldn't have been eligible for the retirement packages anyway with very few years of service with Via Rail behind him.

When a Via human resources manager asked him to come in for an interview, he decided to polish himself up in a suit and tie. Even today, Mac could pass as a business executive in the right clothes.

The woman conducting the interview for Via was duly impressed. When she offered him a generous retirement package, he was honest and explained his brief history with Via and long career with CP. He expected to get a polite "Good Bye', but that is not what happened.

She offered him a job as a locomotive engineer, which he accepted. He worked for another decade for Via. Because he was willing to "follow the work" to some remote locations where Via experienced locomotive engineer shortages, he received living out expenses, travel expenses and periodic breaks to return home. He was making far more money than he did working for CP.

All good things must end and he retired at 65.

Mac is a good conversationalist and keeps up with current events. Others who opted to "bridge" didn't fare so well.

Date: 10/20/18 15:08
Re: He polished up well.
Author: 567Chant

Splendid maneuvering on his part!

Date: 10/20/18 15:32
Re: He polished up well.
Author: goneon66

sounds like a "class act" living a dream to me.........


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