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Railroaders' Nostalgia > An unsung clerk..

Date: 10/27/18 14:25
An unsung clerk..
Author: Copy19

I received an e-mail the other day from Peggy Shepherd checking up on Pat and me.  It was one of those notes that happen when we retirees suddenly ask “whatever happened to so-an-so?”  She was a clerk in the Union Pacific Public Relations & Advertising Department office in the old headquarters building.  In my early days she typed up my letters, news releases, etc.  The ground rules were simple:  Never ask her to make coffee.  

I was thinking about her again this week when I received my UP calendar.  I was responsible for the calendar for many years.  In those days I received photos in mostly in slide boxes and in some cases prints.  Peggy was tasked with mailing all the submissions back to the owners after the calendar selections were made.  Not a quick task, I know from experience.  Peggy handled it without complaint, mostly.   We did have a private contest:  picking the worst picture submitted.  I think the all time winner was a snapshot of a rest stop along I-80 out in Wyoming.

I would be shocked to learn she would ever look at a railfan site, but I wanted to say “Thank you Peggy.”


Date: 10/27/18 16:11
Re: An unsung clerk..
Author: stash

Picking the worst submission: that could make for a humorous Winterail presentation.


Date: 10/28/18 13:29
Re: An unsung clerk..
Author: spider1319

Neat story which most of us can identify with.Thanks for posting.Bill Webb

Date: 11/03/18 18:32
Re: An unsung clerk..
Author: spnudge

You know, that was the bottom when UP stopped their magazine. We had the SP one, since I went to work. When UP took over, I think we got one issue and that was it. The calender was the final slap but that is the way now. You could keep track of people you worked with to see where they were working.  It was also handy to see as who had retired or passed away.  Now its bumping into them with the, "But I thought you were dead.".

I have had  e mails from people over the years that I had forgotten about and it was fun re-living those times. Some going back over 50 years.


Date: 11/04/18 05:20
Re: An unsung clerk..
Author: Bob3985

Perhaps we should start a thread on here and Ask "Post your info if you're still alive".

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 12/05/18 17:49
Re: An unsung clerk..
Author: Alco251

stash Wrote:
> Picking the worst submission: that could make for
> a humorous Winterail presentation.

Years ago at the beginning of my broadcasting career, I was lucky enough to work at a place where a lot of up-and-comers wanted to be. The boss received maybe a hundred letters and resumes a week, and maybe a dozen "demo" video tapes. All unsolicited. He was a good guy and a great boss. And he read them all and gave every tape at least a passing glance.

He did have a box in the corner of his office which he called the "How Not To Get A Job" file, where he threw the "worst of the worst." He occasionally allowed some of us to view the material, read the misspelled letters and have a smug laugh at puffed-up resumes.

He would not allow the stuff to leave the building because he didn't want to hold any job-seekers up to public ridicule.

But he did have one word to describe bad mterial sent to him. "Memorible..." was all he would say. 


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