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Date: 01/05/19 15:16
Scrap paper
Author: Shafty

Another thread has passing mention of a scrap paper business near Redondo Jct. and 24th St. on the U.P. in Los Angeles.  It brings to mind some of the byplay around the railroad.

About 40 years ago I was working the midnite clerk's job out of the shanty at "A" Yard on the U.P. in Los Angeles.  I was there by myself much of the night.

When going off duty the job that worked the West Industry/Zone 9 left their paperwork in the shanty to be sent via pneumatic tube to the other end of the yard. 

I was often out walking the tracks in the "Runarounds" at that time.  

The crew went by the scrap paper business during their tour of duty.  There was paper strewn about.  Some of it was porn in giant sheets of paper right off the printing presses.  

The foreman on the job had a mischievous sense of humor.  He knew I was a church-going man.  If I was out of the office when they went home, now and then he would wrap up my desk in giant sheets of porn.  The first time or two I folded it up and put it in the wastepaper basket.  However, if another employee happened to stop in the shanty, they saw it and pulled it out and spread it around the shanty.  After that I put it in the bottom of a big trash barrel outside the shanty.

The foreman had a very thick German accent.  With his sense of humor, if anyone asked him about it, he would tell them about how he was really Chinese.  While not necessarily convincing, some did have to stop to think it over.

You can file the above in the 'all in good fun' column.

Eugene Crowner


Date: 01/07/19 19:39
Re: Scrap paper
Author: wjpyper

About 50 years ago I worked in the printing plant in LA where that porn was printed. Small world
Bill Pyper
Retired printed
Salem, Oregon

Date: 01/08/19 21:40
Re: Scrap paper
Author: OliveHeights

A little over 40 years ago I worked ar Redondo Jct Tower.

Date: 01/09/19 01:05
Re: Scrap paper
Author: CT97

?? There was Porn in Print ??

Date: 01/09/19 05:01
Re: Scrap paper
Author: ldstephey

Yes, and tablets were made of paper, too.

Date: 01/11/19 15:19
Re: Scrap paper
Author: engineerinvirginia

And telephones had rotary dials, and they didn't fit in your pocket and they were plugged into an outlet near the baseboard. 

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