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Date: 02/08/19 16:55
ATSF Seniority Roster Western Division 1948
Author: ns2557

Recently I purchased a Time Book from the Western Division of the ATSF dated 1948 Vol 17. It contains a seniority list for various crafts at that time. Oldest Conductor was a gent named GW Ditlow with a Brakeman date of 9-27-1897 and a conductors date of 11-25-1903. Quite the senior man. Other area's include the following yards Hutchinson Ks, (Yardmen), Dodge City Ks yard (Yardmen), Middle Div Engineers listing Switch Engineers/Switch Fireman/Yardmen, Newton Yardmasters and a fe wothers. What caught my eye in this booklet was the section regarding Middle Division Switchmen and a column listed as "Point Seniority" with location of where that Seniority was obtained. Was this common, listing point seniority" as I don't recall seeing anyhting like this elsewhere? Was it a ATSF thing or did other roads list the same? No entries where made in Time Book, but the holder of the book was an engineer named JH Bridgeman whoose date was for Fireman 6-23-1941 and Eng date of 1-21-1947. Makes me wonder how long these gents performed service with these dates. Thanks for any insight. Resp. Ben

Date: 02/15/19 07:07
Re: ATSF Seniority Roster Western Division 1948
Author: hogheaded

Ben, at one time point seniority was the usual thing for switchmen on SP, and I would suppose that this would apply to most roads. The arrangement worked well at any given point as longs as traffic patterns remained favorable, but obviously created problems when yards were closed or consolidated. Nothing that I can think of stirs up employees more than merging seniority rosters. On SP, anyway, the Depression seems to have led to its replacement with divisional seniority (with prior point rights). A Coast Division time book that I have (online) shows that it went to divisonal switchman seniority in 1935.

When does your AT&SF timebook show the Western Division making the change?

Ed Gibson

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