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Date: 09/15/19 17:02
more timebook seniority rosters: SP, AT&SF, WP & others
Author: hogheaded

I've just now placed four more timebooks containing Western railroad seniority rosters on my website. I've included a few arbitrary extra pages of ads for the fun of it. The first two are courtesy of engineer emeritus George Faithorn, aka TOs' sphogger.

1) 1939 operating crafts seniority rosters for SP Coast, Western Sacramento, San Joaquin, Los Angeles Divs.
AT&SF Valley Division; Western Pacific Western Division; Pacific Coast Railroad

2) 1961 SP Shasta Division operating crafts

3) 1950 operating crafts rosters for SP Western, Sacramento & San Joaquin Divs.;
Western Pacific Western Div.; Tidewater Southern; Modesto-Empire Traction; AT&SF Valley Div.;
late 1970 timebook entries for AT&SF (engineer?) R.A. Dawson

4) 1954 SP operating crafts rosters for Salt Lake Div. west of Carlin, NV; 1955-56 timebook entries for brakeman B.G. Moore

You'll find them all HERE.

As threatened, I'm pulling the pin on Train Orders, among others, in order to devote more time to my website's hopelessly backed-up collection of projects along with an equally long list of other unfulfilled commitments. I'm hoping to be back in a year, or so. My TO's subscription expires tomorrow.

You can still get ahold of me at wx4org@yahoo.com.

Best regards to you fellow rails,
E.O. Gibson
Wx4.org, The Dome O' Foam

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Date: 09/17/19 12:03
Re: more timebook seniority rosters: SP, AT&SF, WP & others
Author: sphogger

Cheers Ed, thanks for all your time and effort.  Wx4org an invaluable resource!

See ya down the track wherever it takes us.  


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