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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Short Amtrak Bus Stories

Date: 03/23/20 08:29
Short Amtrak Bus Stories
Author: RRTom

I agree we need some Railoaders Nostalgia so here are two short ones.

In the early 1990s I was working with a large (over 100 men), traveling Amtrak track gang in Connecticut.  We transported the workers from their hotels to the worksite in buses - like schoolbuses except painted white with a small Amtrak logo on the side.
I was sitting with my boss in his company car near a parked bus, with work going on in front of us, when an elderly couple pulled up in a car and the husband leaned over and said through the open window, "Those workers are all convicts, right?"  "Yup," said my boss, and the couple drove away.

The other one is just an incident.  I don't think it's funny, just bizarre.
One morning, one of our buses was parked against the curb on a street in north Baltimore, MD while we worked on the tracks above.  I never saw or smelled so many dead dogs as in that stretch of RR, by the way.  It was not a busy street; residential (rowhomes).  A woman rear-ended the bus in her car.  The police came and determined that she was very drunk.  It was about 9AM.

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