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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Little Bugger!

Date: 07/30/20 13:04
Little Bugger!
Author: funnelfan

Another one of those funny little incidents in life. Working as a conductor last night getting ready to make a cut on some cars, I noticed a preying mantis running around in circles on the ground in the spot light of my lantern. Not sure if he was chasing bugs in the light or just mesmerized by the light itself.
Anyways I made my cut and continued on with my work. After a couple more stops to work I was getting ready to make another cut in the train when I noticed that there was a Preying Mantis on my shoulder starring me face to face. That made me jump! I flicked him off me, but it took a couple of tries. I actually like the little critters, but not when they surprise me like that!

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 07/30/20 17:59
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: engineerinvirginia

The mantis figured out you had the light, so he hitched a ride to see if he could get some more!

Date: 07/30/20 20:12
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: Rmosele

Yeah, I'm with you. I like to see pictures of praying manti but I would not want one on my shoulder.

Date: 07/30/20 20:26
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: goneon66

i am always GLAD to see a praying mantis around my house although i have NOT had one on my shoulders, YET...........


Date: 07/31/20 04:55
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: dan7366

My first encounter with one of those was about 4 years old, maybe 5, running across the yard, and I felt something on my shoulder.  Turned my head to see that face staring at me.  I'll admit it, I screamed.


Date: 08/01/20 07:33
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: Northeaster

Just because the female mantis kills the male after sex should not make you too worried .... but, on the other hand maybe guys should fear a cross species jump of that behavior. The mantis does eat a whole lot of nasty bugs but does have an eerie look about them.

Date: 08/01/20 22:28
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: Ritzville

I always seem to have several in the flower garden brown and green ones. They are the good bug!


Date: 08/01/20 23:16
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: exhaustED

Nice story, made me laugh. Some weird and wonderful creatures out there.

Date: 08/02/20 21:53
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: roustabout

Not quite OT but...One of my favorite conductors hated spiders and the run we were on guaranteed that we would be in the cab for most of the 12 hours we usually worked and that the cabs would be a breeding ground for them.  Her plan was to place a bug bomb in the rear unit and let it work while we went west or east as the case was.  She also had a thing for clean toilets so she's spend some time cleaning them and the windows at least once a week if not more often.  I just had to convince her to wait until we were clear of yard limits before she started working.

Date: 08/06/20 13:48
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: rrman6

I always like watching these of God's jewels.  I have to admit, they're head is a bit freaky.  Some how those large eyes and pointed head bring thoughts of the female, 'Gravel Gurtie' from Dick Tracy, a long running newpaper comic of the late 40's through 50's I read as a kid.

Date: 08/19/20 13:34
Re: Little Bugger!
Author: NormSchultze

Praying Mantisis are smart bugs. When I was a little kid, back in the 50s, I had one that I trained. It would take a piece of dog food from a toothpick and drink water outta a spoon.   

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