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Date: 10/02/20 09:52
Author: retcsxcfm

When I was working in Sanford,Fl.the railroad did
not have a company car for me to use.I had to use
my own car and I carried a portable radio with me
all the time.
Just east of Tampa,at the location of Valrico Jct.
going west there is a slight grade.Loaded BV phosphate
trains going to the port were put to the test at this grade.
At times they would stall.
One time I was near by when I heard a train call for help
because he was stalled on the grade.At the grade location
the track is below the road level and is almost hidden by
trees.I parked along side the locomotive and could see
the enginer,but he could not see me.He was laid back and
drinking a cup of coffee.I got on the radio and told him to
stop relaxing and to get the train moving.Needless to say
he was shocked.Where and who did this.I believe to this
day he still wonders.In the mean time I had a good laugh.

Uncle Joe

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Date: 10/02/20 18:27
Re: Stalled
Author: kennbritt

In 1982 I was the fireman on the BN Columbus, NE local out of Lincoln. Our conductor Bill F. was a jerk and didn't care for how engineer Terry H. and I went about our jobs. We were switching cars north of Seward and I was at the controls of a geep seven. Terry was taking a nap on the fireman side of the cab. Suddenly on the radio I heard the the voice of RFE Harry K. on the radio, "You look mighty comfortable Ken". I answered on the hand piece that I was and  enjoying the day. There was no response, ever. Evidently he was checking on us after Bill bitched to the RFE about something (nothing new there as Bill was that type with everyone) and Harry thought the person in the fireman window was me. Terry and I had a good laugh about it.

Kennard Britton
Bedford, TX

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