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Railroaders' Nostalgia > From The Old Computer (6) - Ohio Railway Museum

Date: 11/24/20 03:36
From The Old Computer (6) - Ohio Railway Museum
Author: refarkas

Sometimes a scenic image offers much to see that can't or won't be repeated. Here's an example.
It is the late 1960's/early 1970's in Worthington, Ohio at the Ohio Railway Museum.The grubby day and fading slide make for a less-than-good image, but what can be seen makes up for these flaws. I'm sorry, but I can't identify anything seen here.

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Date: 11/29/20 20:10
Re: From The Old Computer (6) - Ohio Railway Museum
Author: OHCR1551

We visited my oldest sister, who lived nearby, about 1975, and we went up for a train ride. I wish I'd known more about trains then. What pictures I had were really random and wouldn't help much. Even by the time I was in college that fall, things seemed to be winding down for no apparent reason; I asked about volunteering late that winter, but got a vague "um, well, call back later." Columbus just didn't seem to be that railroad-savvy.

Rebecca Morgan
Jacobsburg, OH

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