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Date: 12/18/20 17:15
Crew Room Humor
Author: roustabout

Kill a train today.  Should I mention where this is? 

Date: 12/18/20 18:34
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: usmc1401

Dunsmuir CA.

Date: 12/19/20 09:50
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: Zephyr

1974:  In the rest room area of SPRR Tweedy Yard Office:  "Up hill slow, down hill fast, tonnage first, safety last...the SP way!"

Clio, California

Date: 12/19/20 09:56
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: trainjunkie

I've seen my share of funny crew room humor but this one made me laugh just about every time I saw it only because I'm convinced we had a few people there dumb enough to try it.

Date: 12/19/20 17:52
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: RGTower

On Fridays, we used to advance the clocks 30 minutes so we could get done early. As soon as the yardmaster went to the restroom, we coordinated our attack on the standard clocks.

It started a shitstorm with road crews claiming initial / final terminal delay, so we had to stop playing around.

Date: 12/19/20 20:21
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: santafe199

Seen written on the wall over a toilet in a RR locker room:

"Flush TWICE. It's a long way to the Trainmaster's office"


Date: 12/19/20 22:30
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: cewherry

"Will Rogers never met "(insert name here)". Seen in toilet stall at SP's Shops yard in Los Angeles.

For those who are wondering, Will Rogers, Oklahoma native son, newspaper columnist and radio personality often said 
he never met a man he didn't like.


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Date: 12/20/20 09:53
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: Zephyr

I remember that one as well Charlie!  There was a name inserted in that line in the early 80s...


Date: 12/20/20 13:22
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: retcsxcfm

At the SAL Gary RH there were "p-pots" open
except on the sides.So while you stand there
and think about the world's troubles you look
around.One of the inscriptions was posted
about head high read,"what are you looking
up here for?" Someone posted three thirty.
(quiting time).Another post was three thirty
an HOUR! I was making $1.48.

Uncle Joe

Date: 12/21/20 08:22
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: cnr6776

On the men's room wall in the Durand MI depot in 1969: "Anybody can piss on the floor,be a real hero and shit on the ceiling."

Posted from Android

Date: 12/29/20 05:49
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: Bob3985

When I was on the UP steam crew in our tool/crew car one of our guys painted the silouette in front of the toilet and it had the words "Stand close, it's shorter than you think".

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 01/11/21 06:13
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: 2ebright

It's not railroad humor but still in the transportation field. Seen in the pilot's restroom above the urinals in the Casper, Wyoming airport over 50 years ago;  "Pilots with short landing gear please taxi up close"


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Date: 01/12/21 08:53
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: OSWishram

Written on a chalkboard in the men's room of the Vancouver, Wash., depot in the late '70s:  "BN Sucks, bring back the SP&S"

Not a political or any other kind of statement on my part.  Simply a quote.

Bob Willer
Kansas City

Date: 01/12/21 21:38
Re: Crew Room Humor
Author: mundo

Stand up close, the next guy may be bare footed.

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