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Railroaders' Nostalgia > WB Tower Brunswick, md.

Date: 03/08/21 16:59
WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: ORT-WBTower

The foundation has been dug and that puts us one step closer to preserving it for B&O Historic Education...


Date: 03/09/21 16:40
Re: WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: WM1977

Where is it going?  What will it be used for.

Date: 03/10/21 09:57
Re: WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: ORT-WBTower

WB Tower will be moved straight across the Westbound #1 track and up the grassy area where the B&O YMCA sat.
lee wanted it located approximately20 Ft from the PotomacSt. Parking lot across from the Grill Resturant. That location would have 
phage put the door at same elevation as parking lot so we could run a 20Ft walkway (level ramp) from there to the door & a small platform
from there around the South Side. We would keep the historic structure in place. Want it to look the way it was in 1960/when I was there and before. We had a VISION of Original Historic look, Special Events especially on Oct. R.R.Days celebration. Open for public on special occasions, historic study and as an educational Structure. 
Town fought us and will not consider our idea. Locateing it about 20Ft further east, they say later will put an elevator on outside to meet their ADA Requirement reference all the Grant Money our group got for them.
Cross your fingers ref town, I look for them to place it & ignore it. That elevator cost way way over one hundred thoundsand dollar.It will destroy the historic look...
We fought and saved it and that is great. Please pass the word we need pictures & MOVIES. I had a gentlemen set to do an article & movie but he passed last week of COVID, 59 years old.. Preservation Md was going to help but town was not interested....

Date: 03/16/21 19:02
Re: WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: wabash2800

That's the catch with government money. I provided photos, research and drawings for an outfit to restore and display an NYC baywindow caboose. After all my work, I found out that one end would be gutted to provide handicapped access (partly funded by the gov.) Though I sympathize with folks that are disabled (maybe I will be some day), I  am not warmed by such a treatment to a historic piece of rolling stock or structure.

$100,000 for an unsightly elevator...on the side of an interlocking tower?

Victor A. Baird

Date: 04/07/21 18:26
Re: WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: ORT-WBTower

Still hoping we get it moved but town still fighting us.
they are now saying something about the dirt after digging the foundation.....

The B&O Caboose C1926 we were hoping to provide limited ADA Access by putting a small metal deck which would allow them to look inside.

think town has shut us down there also because they just gave away RailRoad Square so a contractor could need their parking requirements for a low income apartment project.

still trying...

Date: 04/10/21 07:05
Re: WB Tower Brunswick, md.
Author: ORT-WBTower

Still working the WB Tower issue.....
you can help by showing interest in our Virtual Fall Celebration of RailRoad Days @Brunswick, Md.
Spend a little time with us and watch out short videos and please comment on each. Don't miss out,
see you on YOU TUBE. Tks for your support!
Reach videos on you tube by following key words...
WB Tower
Brunswick Station HD1080p
Caboose 1926

The Caboose is a 1925 B&O Woodside I5D.  We want to keep it original so give us your view on what to do with the inside.
suggestions to Brunswick RailRoad Museum...

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