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Date: 01/13/22 16:41
RIP Michael L Burke
Author: mdo

Just learned from another former SP Division Superintendent,  that Michael L Burke has pased away earlier this week.

MLB was a graduate of the SP's management Training program.

 He worked on the Sacramento Divisin as the Mountain Traimmaster.

Mike  and I were both Assistant Division Superintendents on the San Antonio Division at the same time.  

We both worked at implimenting the recomendations of the McKinsey project on the Houston Division during what came to be known as WW III in 1979 - 1980.  

Mike then served as The Superintendent of the Los Angeles Division in the early 1980s.  

Later He worked for APL before moving to the BNSF.  

He had been living in Florida after he retired from BNSF.  RIP MLB


Date: 01/13/22 17:11
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: Zephyr

Very sorry to hear this.  Mike was always a gentleman, and to me, a wonderful mentor and good friend.  I was his Assistant Superintendent on the LA Division until he departed the SPRR and went to work for APL.  Shortly after he left the SPRR, he hired me to work at APL.  We accomplished many good things on the SPRR and at APL.

My thoughts and prayers surround Mrs. Burke and their family, who I know he loved very much.

May Mike's spirit of service, friendship, fun and dedication be with us always!

Pete Baumhefner

Date: 01/13/22 18:38
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: ExSPCondr

I first met Mike when he was an LA yardmaster, and I had just been hired as a switchman, which was early 1966.  He had a leg up on most of the other Mgmt Tranees, as he was already well qualified on the ground before starting the program.

As Pete has mentioned, he was the LA Supt for part of the time i was the ATM at Surf, and while I was a TM riding ATK for the SP..

RIP Mike, you were a pleasure to work for and with.

George Todd 

Date: 01/13/22 21:23
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: Lark

Thank You for the notice MDO...

The few times I was in His office @ 610 S. Main -- always kind, professional and open to another perspective...

When in His other Office, anywhere on the Division or The System -- the same...

Date: 01/14/22 12:53
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: spider1319

Sorry to hear the sad news.Our thoughts and prayers go out.Bill Webb

Date: 01/15/22 07:36
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: SanJoaquinEngr

Sorry to hear of his passing. Mike was a real gentleman and one of the best superintendents that I have worked for. Right now my count is 36 in my career.
When Mike was superintendent his reign was known as the Camelot regime. Because he and with the help of Pete B and others brought normalcy to a usual chaotic division. RIP Mike

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Date: 01/16/22 17:38
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: Drknow

And just like Camelot those times when local mgmt and TE&Y are allowed to work together to actually railroad and serve the customers without interference from the glass palace are now relegated to the mist’s of time and myth. Never to be seen again.

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Date: 02/16/22 12:55
Re: RIP Michael L Burke
Author: Lackawanna484

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