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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Frisco-UP run-throughs in the '70s question

Date: 02/01/22 14:43
Frisco-UP run-throughs in the '70s question
Author: x6924w

I have seen and heard that on UP's run-through trains out of No Platte for the Frisco there had to be a 4 axle unit in the last position in the consist. I have seen several photos that appear to show that with it often being a UP GP30B. Does anyone know why this was or was it really a requirement?


Date: 02/01/22 18:09
Re: Frisco-UP run-throughs in the '70s question
Author: tferk


Try this link to a past post......

Ted Ferkenhoff
Flagstaff, AZ

Date: 02/01/22 21:28
Re: Frisco-UP run-throughs in the '70s question
Author: x6924w

Thanks Ted. I missed that one.

Date: 02/11/22 10:40
Re: Frisco-UP run-through in the '70s question
Author: starsandbars

UP tried not to interchange the GPB Units to other railroads unless the power came back to the UP . We would send hostlers over to the Frisco and Milw road yards and they would bring the power back having to use a tail hose most of the time esp out of the Fresno off sw Blvd in KC and from the Milw we would use a gpa and several gpb to haul coal trains to their yard in NKC and then go around the world back to the UP with power 

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