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Railroaders' Nostalgia > Living History: Dispatchers

Date: 03/08/22 06:34
Living History: Dispatchers
Author: ETFuller

In this episode of Legacies: Living History, we talk with three retired train dispatchers for an insider's look at the job of the dispatcher, the ups and downs of day to day railroad operations, and some memorable stories that took place over the span of nearly 50 years.


Edd Fuller, Editor
The Trackside Photographer

Date: 03/08/22 13:20
Re: Living History: Dispatchers
Author: twropr

Well worth viewing - thanks Edd.
An opening statement one made that really seperates the real train dispatchers from today's "board attendents"
     A good train dispatcher learns how to plan for what will happen in the next 14-16 hours

Date: 03/08/22 13:22
Re: Living History: Dispatchers
Author: goneon66

and a good supervisor/manager/chief will let them...........


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