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Date: 12/27/22 20:27
Oakland Pier
Author: ApproachCircuit

Was there anywhere on the SP that afforded a better place to ride or watch trains?  A fabulous place from sunrise to sunset. Oh and the Ferries! How could you be a railfan and not a lover of those ferries!
Non-stop action back in the day. I saw some steam there. I believe the Overland still went out behind steam. Also everytime I was there during SP steam days, there was  a 1200, 0-6-0 on spot under the sheds.
I never saw it run, I never saw the crew.. I always wondered where they were hiding out. I'll bet that job went to number one or two!
Not alot of the WP but still impressive. WP had a Zephyrette ran ran to SLC three times a week. I got to ride it  a couple of times. It accelerated out of station stops like a bat out of hell.
West Oakland , 1707 Wood St, had something in common with Taylor Yard. People were friendly. You had your run of the place. I stayed away from the pit and whiskers naturally, and no ever said a thing.
There was steam there too. The RH  had their own "Dinky" engine.
The SP was truely the Friendly Place!
By the way, a  ticket from Stckton to the Pier cost me $ 1.78! The ticket was a small cardstock item with the words "Special Coach" printed on it. One could take the CZ zephyr to the pier and return on the zephyrette on certain days.
I think all the trains out of the Pier were named. Even the Ogden Mail!

Date: 12/28/22 12:21
Re: Oakland Pier
Author: WAF

Western Div offices at 1707 Bay st were the Oakland Pier before it was closed in 1960

Date: 01/12/23 13:53
Re: Oakland Pier
Author: phlone

Division offices after the pier were at 1707 Wood Street.  Oakland terminal offices were 515 Bay Street.   

Date: 01/12/23 14:51
Re: Oakland Pier
Author: TCnR

No wonder nobody answered Wes's letters.

Date: 01/12/23 15:05
Re: Oakland Pier
Author: WAF

TCnR Wrote:
> No wonder nobody answered Wes's letters.
Got the address right

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