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Railroaders' Nostalgia > SP Tweedy and the RSD-12

Date: 08/26/23 20:36
SP Tweedy and the RSD-12
Author: ApproachCircuit

Now SP management looked favorably at the Alco RSD-12 because it was the only smaller power that could walk away with a long cut of loaded auto-racks.
They loaded up "right now" without a whimper. Could pull a Bldg off it's foundations!
Every throttle notch gave you close to 200 amps jump. But it ended in run 6. 7&8 wern't linear; more noise but not alot of additional power.
But put those babies in 8, and you got  Stack Fire!
Bless that Alco Governor! 

Try that with an SP GP-20!!

Date: 08/27/23 09:01
Re: SP Tweedy and the RSD-12
Author: 90mac

Tweedy was the first place I saw those units, they looked like CRAP!
It wasn't long before Taylor gave them a fresh coat of paint.
They didn't seem to last long as the sea of SW1500 cruds took over the work,killing off the ALCo power.

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Date: 09/05/23 09:41
Re: SP Tweedy and the RSD-12
Author: mapboy

I only remember Tweedy Yard having the EMD SW1500s.  I used to ride my bike to the yard in the early '60s.  
Always a lot going on with the GM Assembly plant, scrap yards, Jorgensen Steel, through freights to the harbor including an occasional banana train of PFE reefers.


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