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Railroaders' Nostalgia > So Long Vern....

Date: 08/28/23 14:57
So Long Vern....
Author: RetiredHogger

When I was a high school kid, I used to hitch rides with both IT and GM&O crews. The GM&O guys almost exclusively around my hometown. But the IT was a little looser operation, and I was able to get a handful of rides up (or down) the C&NW Madison District on what the Illinois Terminal called the "Sheeps Local".

My first ride from Edwardsville, IL north, the conductor on the crew was a gentleman named Vern Harris. Vern had come to the railroad at middle age (probably just over 40), and hadn't been there but a couple of years (at most) at that time. Less than two years later, I was working for the IT.....and was soon in engine service. I worked quite a bit with Vern. Good guy, good railroad man.

I had an email this morning, informing me that Vern had passed away at age 88, from pancreatic cancer. I realize that the chances of anybody on this forum having known Vern are astronomical, but that's not the point. The point is that a good guy has stepped across the eternal line, and I thought he deserved to be mentioned.

So long Vern. Thanks. And may God speak peace to those you've left behind.

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Date: 08/28/23 19:49
Re: So Long Vern....
Author: irhoghead

Thank you. Very nicely done. There are many good people in this profession that pass on without nary a word spoken. I'm sure his family is grateful.

Date: 08/28/23 20:28
Re: So Long Vern....
Author: Trainhand

Well spoken about a friend, good man and lastly a good railroder. Condolences


Date: 08/29/23 00:56
Re: So Long Vern....
Author: Notch7

RetiredHogger Wrote:
>, and I thought
> he deserved to be mentioned.

He did deserve it, as well as a lot of others.  You honor your departing Brothers however you can.  Last month I did the funeral eulogy for one of our engineers.  Years ago I conducted a BLE burial for an old engineer that always wanted to be buried that way.  I always feel that the best way to honor our Brothers is to retell and share the good old stories about them, keeping their memory alive.

Date: 08/29/23 09:20
Re: So Long Vern....
Author: spider1319

Nice and well deserved tribute Showing gratitude and appreciation on your part is the right thing to do.Bill Webb

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