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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Possible FEMA train on NS new castle

Date: 09/17/05 16:24
Possible FEMA train on NS new castle
Author: wintonplace

NB empty flat car train with NS GP60 & NS GP50 left Cincinnati around 6pm. Didn't catch the Train ID

Date: 09/17/05 19:01
Re: Possible FEMA train on NS new castle
Author: NH2006

It'll be late anyway....and the dispatcher won't understand why he's being removed until it's also too late....

Date: 09/17/05 19:49
Re: FEMA trucks sent to Strasburg,VA
Author: holiwood

Friday over 100 trucks with bottled water sent to Louisiana, then sent to VA and NC in case it was needed, were diverted to the AmeriCold Logistics plant in Strasburg, Va to unload the water for storage. This caused a major traffic jam in Strasburg. This plant has a siding on the CSX Winchester line. It is good to know if we have a problem in Shenandoah County we will at least have bottled water stored here.
NS B-Line MP 74

Date: 09/17/05 20:03
Re: Possible FEMA train on NS new castle
Author: jmlott2002

The train should be 042. The GP50 was leading sb,I filmed the southbound,041, Thursday nite at 32nd st in Birmingham. From what i could tell by the dispatcher later that nite and Friday,it went toward Mobile on the 3B District and came back Friday,kinda late in the day,evening.

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