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Date: 10/16/09 19:34
Past & Present contest WC & IHB
Author: AgentSmith

The first shot you are looking at the WC 6597 eastbound at Chestnut st, At this point he is about to enter the IHB mainline at Frankiln Park the shot was takin in April 1996. The train was coming off the old connection to the Soo line just south of tower B-12. The second shot is how the area looks today, no more tracks and the old IHB main is now Martens St in Franklin Pk. the only thing left from the connection to the Soo Line is the old leftover ballast trail that runs behind some of the buildings north of Chestnut Ave, and that little shack is still there to this day. I beleave the little shack was for the crossing signal relays and wiring.

Date: 10/16/09 22:57
Re: Past & Present contest WC & IHB
Author: MrMRL

Wow, if You hadn't included the 1996 photo, I would have never believed there were ever tracks there.

Hey Todd, we have our winner.

Mr MRL - contest over.

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