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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS builds line to port of Toledo

Date: 08/16/11 08:26
NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: underscore

i wonder how this will effect CSX, if they will loose coal and coke business there to NS?

Date: 08/16/11 08:56
Re: NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: ts1457

Article is short on details. Anyone have any to fill in?

Date: 08/16/11 09:03
Re: NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: richs

Here is another link, from Progressive Railroading.
Certainly no more information than the Fox report.
Should be interesting if this does indeed drive down pricing.

Date: 08/16/11 09:12
Re: NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: MSchwiebert


Site is accessed via NS (originally NKP/W&LE) trackage near Ironville yard.

As for competing with the existing CSX facilties, it's always possible, but I'm not sure what advantages this location would offer over existing NS Lake Erie facilities (once operational) for bulk products.

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Date: 08/16/11 09:46
Re: NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: toledopatch

Date: 08/16/11 11:26
Re: NS builds line to port of Toledo
Author: Out_Of_Service

a comment from a person on the article T'patch submitted

map is bassackwards-obviously submitted by one of the economic development geniouses at the Port Authority. Ironville docks are south of the main port area-actually located between Mallard and the former Interlake site. Anyway, as a tribute to Toledo we should take comfort in knowing that the one of the longest unused deepwater docks (length and time) on the Great Lakes make actually see some activity.

Date: 08/18/11 06:47
Where's the map?
Author: GrandMOFO

Did it get removed from the webpage? Is it on the Blade's hard copy? If so, I'll go purchase one!

Date: 08/18/11 09:33
Re: Where's the map?
Author: MSchwiebert

I wonder if a potential cargo from this facility is dredged sediment from the Maumee River shipping channel. The tree-huggers have been griping for years that dumping it in the lake is not acceptable, and having this in place may offer an avenue to get the sediment to reclaim strip mines, capping brownfields etc.

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