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Date: 10/29/00 08:40
CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: weasel

CSX has ban almost all roadrailers from operating on the system. Earlier this month CSX banned Amtrak roadrailers AMTK460000 thru AMTK460249 from operating on the system. This resulted in an unusual set out at Willard. As of Oct 24 per bulletin no 8, the following roadrailer series where ban from the system:

Amtrak- AMTZ 460000-AMTZ 460253
AMTZ 462000-AMTZ 462039
AMTZ 462997-AMTZ 462999

CN/ECORail- ECOZ 533000-ECOZ 533199

SWIFT- SWFZ 465001-SWFZ 465100

All Shneider roadrailers are ban.

All Triple Crown roadrailers with reporting marks TCSZ, unless running on a NS run through i.e. NS251, NS261, NS263, NS264.

The bulletin then goes on to say the equipment can operate on CSX if it has been modified and has a certain blue sticker on the trailer.

Does anybody know what the modification is and why only CSX has this problem???

See ya trackside,


Date: 10/29/00 08:59
RE: CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: rollinb

Hmmmm. Not only do the other railroads allow roadrailers, some allow roadrailer operation at 90 mph of Amtrak equipment. BNSF applied for and received FRA approval of 70 mph roadrailer operation of the Ice Cold Express from San Bernardino to Chicago. Could the difference be in the track geometry?

Date: 10/29/00 17:43
RE: CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: n01jd1

perhaps to keep Amtrak from running roadrailers and competing on thier railroad. Another reason may be thier crappy track.

Date: 10/29/00 17:44
RE: CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: CSX_CO

Could this be an attempt at a RR to try and keep frieght business on the FREIGHT Railroads?

Aren't all Roadrailers basically a Semi Trailer?

Seems the problem would be in the bogies that the trailer's ride on...not in the trailer itself...

Unless there this series has shown to be structurely (sp?) unsound on rails? Or perhaps some other Mechanical Defect?

Take Care
be safe

Date: 10/29/00 20:37
RE: CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: CN2500SM

This is basically a rebuttal to CSX CO's post. Am I missing something here??? Are not trucks on the highway direct competition
to the railroads??? So if the trucks are on the tracks and not on
the highway is that not revenue to the Railroad instead of the truckers. If CSX had banned the Roadrailers because they feel the
trailers should be on the highways, then this is a VERY HUGE step back. The Roadrailer concept was developed to expeidite trailer
shipments. It takes time to load trailer in well cars or flats. Putting them on bogies saves time, get'em on bogies and get them going. Could it be that CSX can't move the trians in an efficient
manner. Or could it be poor track. Seems to me that CSX is possibly only interested in huge commodity traffic, and they could get burned.
Just my thoughts.

Date: 10/29/00 20:58
RE: CSX bans Roadrailers
Author: holiwood

I don't understand this. I havent heard of roadrailer problems on any railroads. I saw a lot of them on the Capital. Are they jealous? Railroaders work well on other railroads and CSX had roadrailer trains a few years ago. Are they messing with Amtrack?

Date: 10/31/00 14:17
the blue sticker
Author: DRLOCO

The other part of that bulletin tht was left out regards that aforementioned blue sticker. The trailers ARE...I repeat ARE going to be allowed on CSX after a specific modification is made. When said modification is made, the infamous "blue Sticker" that says "3 inches" will be placed prominently above the VIN number on the trailer. It is then allowed on CSX rails.
I would caution posters that you should read carefully into anything that the railroad puts out, and PLEASE, make sure you post the WHOLE story, not just a bit of it to stir up controversy! Thank you!~~DRLOCO

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