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Eastern Railroad Discussion > SCL SD45-2 (Crazynip)

Date: 03/13/01 15:06
SCL SD45-2 (Crazynip)
Author: ns-conductor

Here's the only daylight pic of SCL's SD45-2 (pre pulling for you) that I have in my collection. I've blown it up but the shot is block by my older brother, taken at Rocky Mt. NC. circa 1973-1975. Notice they are painted in SCL black crazynip! This is what I need! I'm thankful for the link to fallen flags, but no SD45-2's in Black and yellow, but did find one in Seaboard System grey.

Date: 03/13/01 15:17
RE: SCL SD45-2 (Crazynip)
Author: ns-conductor

this pic is from my book by Doug B. Nuckles, taken by John D. Hahn Jr. of SD45-2 2055.

Date: 03/13/01 15:59
RE: SCL SD45-2 (Crazynip)
Author: crazy_nip

i stand corrected... i looked at the roster i have and saw they were delivered in 1974 and assumed that they would have been painted in family lines scheme...

Date: 03/13/01 17:49
RE: SCL SD45-2
Author: thelmalou2

Here's a shot of SCL #2045 taken at Rocky Mount also. The shot dates back to October 1979. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of the scan... I still haven't figured out how to size my 35mm slides on the scanner.

Date: 03/13/01 18:41
Plus Clinchfield
Author: galen74

Don't forget... Clinchfield had SD45-2s as well. The Clinchfield units were delivered in 1972 and 1974, and all arrived in CRR black and yellow.

Galen Wright
Lynchburg, VA

Date: 03/13/01 18:49
RE: SCL SD45-2 (Crazynip)
Author: CRsmurf


NS-Conductor, Why do you say your photo is Pre-Pulling for you???
In your photo It looks like the lead unit has the Pulling for
you slogan on the battery box doors. Can't read it but it looks
like it is definitely there. :-)

Tony K, CRsmurf

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