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Date: 03/17/01 04:22
Locomotive dimensions
Author: kahrail

I was wondering the other day as I paced the evening CSX heading northward. What limits the physical dimensions of the current batch of locomotives that EMD and GE are producing? While they are growing longer they arent getting any wider or taller. I thought that there might be some sort of physical limitation to car size such as tunnel or bridge clearence, but both boxcars and autoracks are physically much larger than most locomotives.
Any one out there able to comment?

Date: 03/17/01 07:45
RE: Locomotive dimensions
Author: Z

One limitation that comes to mind is the size of the doors on older
enginehouse facilities. A lot of roads would probably not purchase
larger locomotives if they had to remodel all their facilites with
larger doors.

Then of course, you do have certain routes where double stacks and
Hi-wides are passable, and many other where they are not. Most roads
wouldn't buy power that wouldn't clear on many of their lines.

Date: 03/17/01 12:18
RE: Locomotive dimensions
Author: Throttle_JCKY

Well one thing I can say, if they make them any taller then they will tip over. They can really be top heavy. Just my observation.

Date: 03/17/01 15:23
RE: Locomotive dimensions
Author: TRKneller

kahrail wrote:
> While they are growing longer they arent getting any wider or
> taller.

Taller may mean clearance issues. WIDER certainly does. Make them wider and you'd have to move all the passing, yard, and double tracks farther apart. Not economical...so they'll probably do it. Heh!


Date: 03/17/01 15:33
RE: Locomotive dimensions
Author: anvilhead

Why would there be any reason to make a locomotive any bigger than absolutely necessary? If they can stuff 6000hp into a traditional size body and frame, anything beyond that size is wasted space - i.e. wasted money. No?

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