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Date: 10/03/01 09:31
Horseshoe Curve Schedule
Author: hoops

Does anyone have a schedule or a rough idea of the times trains pass through Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA?

I know the railroads don't really follow much of a schedule these days, but I am sure one of you guys has some info with best guesses.

Date: 10/03/01 13:22
RE: Horseshoe Curve Frequencies
Author: shagman269755

Also, what are the frequencies for the area?
Thanks Joe

Date: 10/03/01 15:45
RE: Horseshoe Curve Frequencies
Author: Kentucky86

During my trips just pick a good spot and wait. Sometimes a lull for hours, sometimes trains every 15 minutes..

Date: 10/03/01 16:27
RE: Horseshoe Curve Frequencies
Author: conwaycontrol

The frequency is Conrail channel 1 160.80.

Date: 10/03/01 16:59
RE: Horseshoe Curve Frequencies
Author: CRsmurf


No set schedule that is for sure. What ever you see you see.
That is the way it goes. Like conwaycontrol said the Frequency
for the area is 160.800 that is about the only one you need.

Tony K, CRsmurf

Date: 10/05/01 10:48
RE: Horseshoe Curve Schedule
Author: john-wa8kiw

There used to be an approximate schedule posted in the gift shop and at the ticket counter. Although it has been a year since I was last there.

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