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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Falls Cut / Sandpatch question

Date: 09/08/13 04:00
Falls Cut / Sandpatch question
Author: DundasMP23

My Dad wants to head down to Sandpatch to see some trains and fall colors, but he was concerned about the daytime train curfew that was in effect a few months ago for the tunnel work at Falls Cut etc. I hadn't seen too much reported on Sandpatch in the last few months, so I was wondering if they are still working on the tunnels during the day and running most trains at night? Thanks in advance for any insight.


Date: 09/08/13 05:45
Re: Falls Cut / Sandpatch question
Author: toledopatch

Well, CSX just announced the clearance work west of Cherry Run is all done, but that doesn't mean there won't be MoW windows on Sand Patch. CSX seems to love to do rail replacements on the curves during peak foliage season.

Date: 09/08/13 06:01
Re: Falls Cut / Sandpatch question
Author: bridgeportsub

We went to Cumberland yesterday to see the Amtrak special and CSX did not run anything on the Sand Patch line til about 3pm when Q217 came in. We were there for about 3 hours and the only thing they ran was Q317 for the Mountain sub. GRS

Date: 09/08/13 07:45
Re: Falls Cut / Sandpatch question
Author: bigsavage

While photographing fire apparatus in that area yesterday, we were in eyeball or scanner range much of the day. From our observations, plus looking at the Hyndman railcam captures, it appears 6 freights and 2 Amtraks, plus helper movements, were what ran in daylight hours.
We passed thru the Deal,PA. area, hard to believe the WM has been gone almost 40 years...

Date: 09/08/13 09:39
Re: Falls Cut / Sandpatch question
Author: moltensulphur

I would recommend going to CSX.com and checking their curfew map. That way you'll get the information from the horses mouth, so to speak. That's what I did when I and a friend recently wanted to railfan Harper's Ferry for a day.
It worked out well.

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