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Date: 04/09/02 19:34
Canadian Trackside Guide ??????
Author: stuart

Anyone have a current copy or withina year or two. Could you please look up the model and power used at the Smurfit-Stone Mill in Portage du Fort Quebec and let me know what it is. My dad works there and retires this summer and i have yet to ever see the locomotives, last thought they had 2 units, one was purchased in the last 10 years or less froma place in Chicago, just thought I would like to start looking for models of those units and pictures so I could model them for my layout

stuart in iowa

Date: 04/09/02 22:19
Re: Canadian Trackside Guide ??????
Author: RR_Auer

The 2002 CTG shows MLW S-13 8707 (formerly CN 8707/8613/109/8613)

Date: 04/09/02 22:32
Re: Canadian Trackside Guide ??????
Author: RR_Auer

Forgot to give you the link for photo of sister units.


Date: 04/09/02 22:41
Easy Answer....
Author: BurlingtonJohn

Your Dad works there, why not ask him? He could provide as much detail as possible, even if he is not a railfan.

Burlington John

Date: 04/09/02 22:55
Re: Easy Answer....
Author: cnwtjim

I just received my copy today.

Portage-Du-Fort (70 km west of Ottawa/Hull) - Smurfit Stone Container Corp.

(Previously Abititi-Consolidated; Consolidated Bathurst; Bathurst Power and

Rail access; 1.9 mile spur from Ottawa Central Railway, Mile 59.5, Beachburg subdivision.

2 ALCO 73586 9/1945 S-1 nee Louisville and Nashville 24, (3/1969)

4 EMD 23461 9/1959 SW900 ex-Consolidated Bathurst 3, 1986;
exx-Chrome Locomjotive, 4/1986;
exxx-CRI&P 911; nee CRI&P 512

Good luck -


Date: 04/10/02 02:00
Canadian Trackside Guide?
Author: railfan400

Does anyone know of a mail order or online store where I could order a copy of the Canadian Trackside Guide for delivery to the US? Thanks.

Date: 04/10/02 04:28
Re: Canadian Trackside Guide?
Author: kgmontreal

Hobby Junction Express (514) 631-3504

Date: 04/10/02 11:32
i have asked dad
Author: stuart

but he said they were train engines, and they were outside. he is not one for trains, cars, planes, ships, only a sports fan, do not cross the tv screen during a game, good way to die a fast but painfull death.
so what does a sw900look like so i make sure i am looking for the right thing and sw1????
thanks for the input
going to have to go get pics before dad retires this summer
thanks again stuart

Date: 04/10/02 13:57
Re: Canadian Trackside Guide?
Author: charls

CustomTrains, Orleans Ont
$30.00Canadian shipped.
613-834-4632 ph/fax

Date: 04/10/02 16:01
Re: C.T.G. ordering
Author: RR_Auer

The Canadian Trackside Guide is available directly from the Bytown Railway Society. Contact them to order or for info at the following.

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