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Eastern Railroad Discussion > A Few More Chessies

Date: 08/19/02 05:20
A Few More Chessies
Author: 3rdRail

For those of you who enjoy them. Credit to
K Tweed.

Date: 08/19/02 05:51
Re: A Few More Chessies
Author: GTWFAN

Great pics again!! Thanks for sharing.
Love those GP30's with the dual horns. Seeing all those Chessie units makes me wonder if they and the GTW were still around...what would there wide nose locos look like?

Date: 08/19/02 10:11
Re: A Few More Chessies
Author: clinchvalley

Paint one up and let's see. A Chessie C44 might look pretty good.

Date: 08/21/02 20:13
Re: A Few More Chessies
Author: HockingvalleYman

Kinda makes you wonder if CSX will paint any units in "heritage" schemes. I like the new blue/yellow, though. A Chessie C44 with a humongous blue cat on the nose would get some attention. Heck, those Chessie units even looked good when encrusted with coal dust!

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