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Date: 11/29/02 23:08
Weston, W Virginia
Author: dcfbalco

My son spent two weeks working at Jane Lew, WV and stayed in Weston. We were wondering what and where the railroads are in that area. The people he worked with said a lot had been taken up in the last 15 years and he did not have time to get out and look around. I am aware of Grafton but that's all.

Date: 11/30/02 04:59
Re: Weston, W Virginia
Author: roadbed

Until just a few years ago Jane Lew and Weston hosted CSXT/Chessie/B&O's WV&P subdivision.

There are still a few active lines in the area, all of which are CSXT. Grafton is the closest "Hot Spot" where all of the remaining active lines converge. Those include the Mountain SD to Cumberland, MD, the Cowen SD into the Cowen Coalfields, the Fairmont SD into the Monongahela Coalfields, and the Bridgeport/Short Line SD's to the Ohio River.

Hope this helps!

Date: 12/01/02 16:44
Re: Weston, W Virginia
Author: wvp2000

You are correct the line through Jane Lew was the former WV&P Subdivision.

The line was built by the Clarksburg Weston & Glenville Railroad in the late 1880s. The CW&G was gobbled up by the West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad.

The WV&P ran from Clarksburg south to Weston. There the line split one leg heading east to Buckhannon and onto Pickens, WV. The other line proceeded south to Orlando, WV and through Burnsville to Cowen and Richwood, WV.

The WV&P was bought by the B&O around the turn of the century. Eventually the sections between Weston and Orlando and Weston and Buckhannon were cut and abandoned.

Jane Lew in particular was an actual junction in the early 1900s There was a street car line that paralleled the WV&P from Clarksburg to Weston. The B&O eventually abandoned its own track from Jane Lew to Weston due to a severe grade over Fishers Summit for the water level street car line from Jane Lew into Weston.

B&O then Chessie and finally CSX continued to use the line as a stub ended branch from Clarksburg to Weston till 1989.
On August 25, 1989 the line was abandoned from the Harrison County line south through Jane Lew and onto Weston.

The line from cut back in the mid 1990s from the county line back to the "West End" area Clarksburg. Then was cut back further about 2 years ago.


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