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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Help save a GTW reefer!

Date: 01/09/17 20:35
Help save a GTW reefer!
Author: Press25

The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society is running a fundraising campaign on Booster to save a GTW refrigerator car and relocate it to the Society's property at the former PH&D Office Building adjacent to the CN (GTW) Yard in Port Huron, MI.

Sorry for the long sentence!

You can opt to tie your donation to a project t-shirt or sweatshirt, or just make a donation.

i am trying to do this on an iPad, so I don't know if the link copied and pasted correctly.  If not, I'm guessing that a search for Booster and the car number should get you there.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

And yes, I donated!

Date: 01/10/17 09:58
Re: Help save a GTW reefer!
Author: CPR_4000

This is one of the Canadian-style "8-hatch" cars with overhead bunkers. Have any others been saved?

Date: 01/11/17 17:56
Re: Help save a GTW reefer!
Author: TamaquaTim

How do you order t-shirts from your site cannot find order form,
Thanks, Tim

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