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Date: 03/19/17 19:08
Philly port improvements
Author: jonjonjonjon

Inky article outlines Philadelphia port expansion and improvements to accomodata Panamax ships.

What ever happened to CP's operations in Philly? Do they still have trackage rights to the port?

Date: 03/19/17 20:20
Re: Philly port improvements
Author: CPR_4000

CP pulled out of Philly (and New York City) 3 or 4 years ago.

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Date: 03/20/17 04:27
Re: Philly port improvements
Author: Lackawanna484

Did the south end sale end D&H rights to Allentown and Philly for good?

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Date: 03/20/17 15:55
Re: Philly port improvements
Author: JLinDE

The Port of Philly has been able to handle Panamax size ships for years. These are the ships that fit thru the old canal locks 1000ft x 110ft. What you mean to say is post Panamax ships, or neo-Panamax, by whatever name. Or maybe the article. I do not have time now to read it. But since the new Panama canal locks opened there already has been some of the smaller post-Panamax vessels calling Packer Avenue terminal. They are generally ~990 ft & ~145 ft wide. In the recent past, up to 2008, VLCC crude carriers which are ~ 1100x 165 ft or wider called Ft Mifflin crude oil terminal; opposite the Philly airport. What matters on the DEL RIVER is not width or length but draft. The channel is deepening project to 45ft is nearing completion, but it will still not be as deep as Baltimore, Norfolk and the Northern NJ ports (have to check on latter) And Halifax and some big ports in the south. Philly's prospects of getting a much bigger share of international cargo than it has now are slim IMHO. It is too far upriver. The huge ships need to keep moving, load/unload quickly, and get back to sea.

Date: 03/20/17 19:58
Re: Philly port improvements
Author: resqjon

Lackawanna484 Wrote:
> Did the south end sale end D&H rights to Allentown
> and Philly for good?
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