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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train

Date: 04/20/17 13:14
Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: DECA34

A Hamburg NY., man died Wednesday night after being struck by a train in Hamburg, police said. The gentleman was 39 years old.

Police responded to a railroad overpass at Camp Road near Durham Road at about 10:20 p.m. on 4.19.2017 and found the man in the railroad right-of-way.

Efforts to revive the man were unsuccessful and he was declared dead at the scene. His name was not released.

The area near the CSX rail line was closed until about 1:17 a.m., police said. The incident is under investigation by the Hamburg Police Accident Investigation

Unit , the department's Detective Bureau & CSX .

Date: 04/20/17 13:19
Re: Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: joemvcnj

This must have messed up Amtrak 49 to some extent, due out of Depew around Midnight.

Date: 04/20/17 13:27
Re: Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: P

I see many reports of people getting hit by trains. In my mind, Someone who gets hit by a train is probably run over and/or ground up pretty good. In other words, gruesomely. I see many reports that say something like in this story where there were efforts to revive the person.
Are these cases where they get clipped, or perhaps thrown clear of the train?

Thankfully, I have not been party to such collisions, and am trying to reconcile these comments to my perceived reality.

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Date: 04/20/17 13:55
Re: Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: NKP715

One occurrence reported in the news that I probably
won't ever forget.

A person was walking a dog on the CSX ROW within the guage,
just west of Erie, PA, when they were hit. It was speculated
that the person never heard the train, as another was passing.

The person and his dog were buried together, according to
the report. Sad -- and realistic -- truth was, the coroner
could not differentiate between human and canine remains.

As typical, must have been rough on the crew.

Date: 04/20/17 17:07
Re: Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: MC6853

Hamburg has a relatively new quiet zone, doesn't it? Wonder if that was a factor or not...

Date: 04/21/17 16:51
Re: Hamburg , NY man hit by CSX train
Author: DECA34

It is a lot quieter on the tracks without the horns blowing at the crossings. I know many Engineers do not like these quiet zones, three more quiet zones are going to be added in Hamburg at Bay View, Pleasant Ave & Lake View Rd crossings.This is all welded rail which makes it very quiet.

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