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Date: 04/20/17 20:31
Atlanta Area Remaining SCL Style Signals
Author: csxcophotographers


Just a question, I know many of the signals in the Atlanta Area, both NS and CSX have been upgraded, but what remains around the area outside of the Howell area which was replaced in the last year is there for SCL style or others that are still worthy of hanging on their last days before they fall.

Is Tilford Hump bowl empty yet?


Date: 04/21/17 10:15
Re: Atlanta Area Remaining SCL Style Signals
Author: djy23

Just about all of the old signals have been replaced. The only ones still standing that I can think of are CP Bolton protecting the north end of the junction and CP Tilford on both ends. Bolton signals are hard to shoot due to the angle. Tilford signals are also hard to shoot unless you want to trespass on both NS and CSX property and cross the main line.

Tilford Hump bowl is empty. Almost looks like the next set for the Walking Dead.

Still a great deal of traffic and action to be seen. I saw four road trains this morning along with a few local jobs in the short time I was driving through.

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