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Date: 12/03/18 14:13
MI. Fast Freight
Author: scoobydoobydoo

Does anyone know if they run Freight between Niles,Mi and new Baffalo Mi, And if so do they run 110mph like Amtrak does,Thanks in Advance   Scoobydoobydoo

Date: 12/03/18 15:20
Re: MI. Fast Freight
Author: dan

no freight goes above 70 in the us currently i beleive

Date: 12/03/18 16:49
Re: MI. Fast Freight
Author: Greyhounds

As I understand things, the BNSF and UP authorize 70 MPH max for intermodal while the CSX and NS authorized 60 MPH max.  That's about it for surface freight.  Anything faster is just a waste of money.  Of course, some things go by air.  But that represents a very small portion of freight tons.

I also understand that BNSF will authorize higher speeds if they're late with UPS.  But that's an exception.


Date: 12/04/18 00:34
Re: MI. Fast Freight
Author: Ron

scoobydoobydoo Wrote:
> Does anyone know if they run Freight between Niles, Mi and new Baffalo Mi, And if so do they run 110mph like Amtrak does,

There is a Local that comes as far east as Lawton.  I've seen them run around their train there, using the siding. It has to be equipped with the same ITCS or PTC ......or whatever Amtrak uses on the Michigan Line.
As for speeds, I don't know, but I wouldn't think they would operate any faster than about 60 or 65 MPH. Basic freight cars aren't designed for speeds much faster than 70 MPH.


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