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Eastern Railroad Discussion > My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"

Date: 01/04/19 13:48
My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: Pattenburg

Was out at the American Treasure Tour Museum in Oaks, PA and came across this relic. There were no visible markings of ownership and through the faded peeling paint could be seen "68" and "Radio Controlled". So any information as to this critter's heritage would be appreciated.

Date: 01/04/19 14:21
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: valmont

Looks like GE45T

Date: 01/04/19 15:59
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: icancmp193

valmont Wrote:
> Looks like GE45T

Some other sort of "Tonner" as 45T's usually have siderods.


Date: 01/04/19 16:33
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: EMDSW-1

It is a late production GE 45-tonner with chain drives instead of siderods

Dick Samuels

Date: 01/05/19 07:20
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: Gonut1

The engines in Oaks, PA pop up on TO every couple years. They were part of the original Steamtown collection from when it was located in Bellows Falls Vermont. The steam engine in Oaks had a now deteriorated sign claiming it was Steamtown's first acquisition. You can probably do a search and find more posts on TO.
There is a old Worlds Fair gasoline engined narrow gauge steam engine painted in cartoon like paint displayed in Oaks as well as the old rotting away Steamtown direlects. For a time in the Eighties two B&M RDCs were stored there. The RDCs were then stored in Ivyland and eventually went somewhere else. Homeless, nomadic, railroad equipment.

Date: 01/05/19 09:26
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: Pattenburg

Gonut1 - thanks for this information, much appreciated.

Date: 01/05/19 15:54
Re: My 1st photo of 2019 is a "What Is It?"
Author: Gonut1

I found this picture of the Worlds Fair loco. It has been repainted red yellow and blue and moved off this pile of ballast to a position a litttle further away from the busy road into the Philadelphia Exhibition Center.
It is still easily visible. If I recall there were 4 of these gasoline engined locos and after the Worlds Fair this one ran at Kennywood Amusement Park before long term storage and now on display in Oaks, PA
I also found the other two engines, image from 2008. You can see the yellow GE at the left edge. The Saddle tank had the Steamtown sign back in the 1980's. All the engines and track equipment was moved as the fromer BF Goodrich Tire plant gave way to shopping centers and the Exhibition Center. I had a photo of the sign but it is probably in the never scanned and pre-digital camera age files. If I ever retire maybe I'll scan all this old stuff. It was mostly 35mm film stuff, no slides. Quality suspect at best. All the slides went with the first wife. 
One final note the person who owned the former Goodrich properties also owns the rail equipment you see there. At one time in T.O.s' early days there was an Oaks Model Railroad Club. They often posted links to video of the club layout. They had a fair sized layout under construction, using parts of the former North Penn Model RR Club, after that club was evicted from a building in Lansdale, PA. Eventually the Oaks Club was evicted from the Oaks site due to safety access problems with the former Goodrich building they were in. Their 3rd and final effort was a modular club based out of a thrift store in Royersford. 
That's about what I have.

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