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Eastern Railroad Discussion > 70ace-t4 order update?

Date: 01/08/19 09:23
70ace-t4 order update?
Author: The-late-EMD

Sense Up, for some mysterious reason put all 92 of their brand new SD70ACe-T4'S in long term storage, has NS or CSX decided to cancel their little 20 unit order of this model. The ole buyer beware syndrome.

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Date: 01/08/19 09:47
Re: 70ace-t4 order update?
Author: NSDash9

No, both the CSX and NS orders are still a go. The CSX units will be first, followed by the NS units.

Chris Toth

Date: 01/08/19 10:36
Re: 70ace-t4 order update?
Author: spwolfmtn

No one knows why UP is storing their new Tier 4 SD70Ace locomotives, lots of talk and speculation on the Western discussion board about this.

However, BNSF's test sets are still out and running as they were photographed going through eastern Washington wourking on a train just a day or two ago.

So the mystery continues.

Date: 01/08/19 12:14
Re: 70ace-t4 order update?
Author: thehighwayman

Do warranties go by time (days from purchase) or do they go by mileage?
If by mileage, it sort of makes sense to store them if not really needed at the moment, and run up the miles on the older units that will be disposed of before the new units anyway.


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

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