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Eastern Railroad Discussion > What happens a little before I get off work on Sundays

Date: 04/14/19 18:03
What happens a little before I get off work on Sundays
Author: tq-07fan

Today was my first Sunday off in a couple months. Much like other Sundays I went out for an hour or so of railfanning but got out about an hour earlier then what I would have normally been out. The signals for track one at MP 250 in Lockland Ohio on the Norfolk Southern Dayton District were lit for Approach Diverging so I went up to Glendale Milford and took pictures from the bridge of 60A coming onto the single track at CP 248. Coming back across I noticed that the signal at CP 248 for the NS New Castle District was lit for Diverging Clear. I scouted a couple places but had to move as one of several deluges came down and I would have to either shoot from inside the car with the window rolled down or stand under something. I kinda thought there was a good place to park and shoot along Evendale Dr but right before I got to it CSX Q 143 beet me to the location. I quickly got onto Sharon got onto I-75 and was able to beat the train to a shot I had been wanting to do for the past couple weeks at Davis and Longworth Street in Lockland.
1) I just had to find out which way 60A was routed by receiving an Approach Diverging at 250.
2) It means getting onto the single track installed early in the Conrail era that by-passes Sharonville Yard.
3) The rains came, power washed everything and went and the sky cleared up for a nice shot from Davis looking down Longworth Street toward the signals in picture 1.

Thank you for looking!


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