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Date: 04/15/19 13:01
A Trisquit Cracker Question
Author: Eagle22

I enjoy eating Trisquit crackers by Nabisco. I noticed the other day that they are made from winter wheat that is grown in Michigan. Which railroad is responsible for shipping the grain to the manufacturing facility? What part of Michigan is the wheat grown? Thank you in advance. Also, does anyone know which facility is responsible for making these delicious crackers?


Date: 04/15/19 14:19
Re: A Triscuit Cracker Question
Author: toledopatch

What's the source of your information that Nabisco's winter wheat is grown in Michigan, or that it's transported by rail to the cracker plant(s)? Even if the former is true, the wheat quite likely could make at least part of the trip by other means. For example, Nabisco/Mondelez has a large flour mill in Toledo that receives a lot of its grain by ship or truck. NS has a significant haul of the outbound flour, but I don't know where those loads go.

You can start to answer your second question by looking at the box and doing this.
  • Check the plant identification code, which is part of the expiration date code: The initials AE, AH, AP, AX, AZ and XL all indicate American-made products. MM and MS indicate Mexican production.
  • AE – Chicago, Illinois
  • AH – Portland, Oregon
  • AP – Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  • AX – Atlanta, Georgia
  • AZ – Richmond, Virginia
  • XL - ?

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Date: 04/15/19 16:10
Re: A Triscuit Cracker Question
Author: CSX602

Excellent info Toledopatch...
BTW, one online source had XL = Naperville, IL

Date: 04/15/19 22:32
Re: A Triscuit Cracker Question
Author: DevalDragon

And XL is still served by the BNSF...

Date: 04/16/19 12:03
Re: A Triscuit Cracker Question
Author: kevink

DevalDragon Wrote:
> And XL is still served by the BNSF...

More information on the Naperville plant:

Date: 04/17/19 06:10
Re: A Triscuit Cracker Question
Author: engineerinvirginia

A tangential reference.....take originial tircuits and put some cheese on....bake it or microwave it until the cheese gets melty and just does carmelize on the edges...this concentrates the salt and the flavor profile goes through the roof! Tasty!

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