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Eastern Railroad Discussion > CSX Holland and Hudsonville Railfanning --- Additional Questions

Date: 04/15/19 20:24
CSX Holland and Hudsonville Railfanning --- Additional Questions
Author: MikeRail

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all who provided info regarding railfanning on the Grand Rapids Sub.

I have a few more questions in regards to some of the trains mentioned.

For the Y121,  does anyone know what time they go on duty?  When it switches local industries, does it do different parts of the Industrial trackage on different days? Where I live,  our locals cover different zones each day. Would love to pinpoint it so I can better chase, catch it. 

Regarding the D700.  What time approx does it swing through Holland/Hudsonville?

Q326 departs westbound from Grand Rapids for an early afternoon swing though Holland/Hudsonville?

Many thanks to everyone for the help and assistance.

Looking forward to this trip!



Date: 04/16/19 17:39
Re: CSX Holland and Hudsonville Railfanning --- Additional Quest
Author: CO5232

Y121 goes on duty at 0700 at Holland's Waverly yard.  Where they go to switch industries will mostly depend on what inbound loads have arrived.  Monitor channel 35 because trips to Zeeland, north on the Fremont Sub, and to Holland's "Dock" track require getting the DS involved.  Trips to the Hamilton branch don't need the DS so can occur without warning.  I think the ten-mile trip all the way to Hamilton is normally done on Thursdays.

D700 is called for 0500 Tue-Sat from Grand Rapids.  They normally switch a cement distributor on the east side of Grandville westbound.  The return to Grand Rapids can range from noon if they turn at Waverly to mid-afternoon if they go to Sawyer.

The westbound freight is Q327 and is quite regularly by Hudsonville around 1900.


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