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Date: 07/06/19 17:55
The Path Less Traveled
Author: NKP-PRR

While here, if you stand and focus you can almost.... 

Feel and smell the steam engine;
Hear the shuffling of passengers and baggage on the brick platform;
The clicking of the teletype as train orders are received and transmitted;
The groaning of heavyweight passenger cars;
The shout of the conductor;
Two blasts of the whistle and the train speeds off to its next destination.... 

....and as the smoke clears, before you realize it, you’re back in the present.  Staring at what’s left; only a shell of what once was and left thinking about all that has changed.  This sleepy Midwest town returns to normal and we’re off to continue on the family road trip.   
Just by chance we take the path less traveled and stumble upon a hidden treasure. 
Midland City Depot; Midland, Ohio -Dave

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Date: 07/07/19 10:15
Re: The Path Less Traveled
Author: refarkas

Well done.

Date: 07/08/19 18:53
Re: The Path Less Traveled

Love the description and image

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