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Date: 08/03/19 17:16
More Alco 539 Music
Author: narailfan

At the North Alabama Railroad Museum in Huntsville our 1945 RSD1 8652 was on the east end of our train today. Here is a video I shot as she comes up under load and brings the train up the hill as we near the eastern end of our tracks. Sorry for the stability issues with the video. I was resting the camera on the hood of the locomotive and it was not as smooth as I would like. I have not yet picked up my gimbal stabilizer. 


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Date: 08/03/19 17:24
Re: More Alco 539 Music
Author: lne655

That was great, thanks for posting.

Date: 08/03/19 18:21
Re: More Alco 539 Music
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Compared to a lot of videos I've seen on Y'allTube, it looked like you were riding on glass to me. Nicely done!

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Date: 08/03/19 19:10
Re: More Alco 539 Music
Author: steamboat

nothing like a 539 alco sound my kind of music

Date: 08/04/19 05:03
Re: More Alco 539 Music
Author: ns1000

Cool video!!

Date: 08/06/19 16:37
Re: More Alco 539 Music
Author: Gulliver-Stuart

Awesome!  Few things as nice as the sound of a turbo-charged Alco 539.


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