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Eastern Railroad Discussion > CSX 911 CSX 1776 On CSX Q441

Date: 08/13/19 04:10
CSX 911 CSX 1776 On CSX Q441
Author: NSSpike

The photos below was taken 8/11 by a close friend DVR out of Jacksonville around Baldwin Florida. The 911 later that day would hit a downed tree on the CSX Wildwood Sub. Someone forwarded me a pic (presume Facebook) afterwards showing right side grab iron and ditch light damage. Don't know who took that picture. Don't know the current status of the 911 unit at this time. The 1776 was in DPU mode on the Q441.

! & 2 Both photos by DVR out of Jacksonville Florida. Good looking special units by the CSX!! 

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

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