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Eastern Railroad Discussion > W&LE ?

Date: 11/05/19 18:57
W&LE ?
Author: farmer

Does CSX still receive propane trains out of Hopedale Ohio?

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Date: 11/05/19 20:23
Re: W&LE ?
Author: green

from what i heard, the shipper built a pipeline and ships it that way now.

Date: 11/06/19 07:09
Re: W&LE ?
Author: MEKoch

A big pipeline has opened from Eastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania going west to south of Toledo; then north to Port Huron; then into Canada.  

Date: 11/06/19 08:50
Re: W&LE ?
Author: farmer

Yes. Sounds like the pipeline took the business away. Although it sounds like it will be back to rail soon with the pipeline having issues.

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Date: 11/08/19 11:48
Re: W&LE ?
Author: dbrcnw

I can't verify the contents but there are still tank car trains going east and west on the WLE from Hopedale. The eastward hand-off to CSXT would be at Connelsville, PA and westward hand-off would likely be at WLE's Brewester, Ohio facility.

I may be wrong but I think the pipeline in question does not come this far east going south to Pennsylvania west of here.


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