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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Mt Washington Cog Railway October, 2019

Date: 02/02/20 18:25
Mt Washington Cog Railway October, 2019
Author: rgzfan

Never found that blue sky -- at least not right away.

Next day, I drove up. It was beautiful weather...until right before I got to the top. Clouds again!

Third time was the charm. Drove up in sunny weather and it held to the top! I'd have taken the cog all three days, but it was booked because it was Columbus Day Weekend.

Shot with a ~1957 Revere 36 16mm magazine camera using Kodak Vision 3 50D negative film. Processed and transferred by Spectra Film & Video, in lovely Burbank, CA.

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Date: 02/02/20 23:47
Re: Mt Washington Cog Railway October, 2019
Author: yankeeclipper

When I was there on July 8th, 2019 one could see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean - across the entire state of Maine. Admittedly, it was one of about 20 days of the year when that occurs. 
But even on an occluded day, it is a wonderful trip. The entire experience is as facinating as it is magnificient. I took the steam trip where the locacious brakeman on the way uphill become the most valuable person in your life on the way downhill. He or she controls the two large diameter ≈ 24" brake wheels inside the car that apply the disk brakes on your car. Their job is to control the decent of the car so as to keep it at least a foot (maybe more?) away from the engine as the steam locomotive doesn't have enough capability to brake itself and the loaded car behind it. 
Take a look under the hood of the new bio-diesels: fully half the area is the hydraulic pump that can now brake the passenger car as well as the engine.(The other half of the hood covers what seems to be an off-the-shelf John Deere 600 hp engine.) Seemed strange to see the "Powered by John Deere" label on the side of the engine but all makes sense. Go and enjoy and experience. 

Date: 02/03/20 06:40
Re: Mt Washington Cog Railway October, 2019
Author: cinder

Really enjoyed the video put to music.  Thanks for the effort.

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