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Date: 02/13/20 13:21
CSX Near Mooresville, NC
Author: dozerman

What is the closest CSX main line from Mooresville, NC, and the name of the sub and train traffic(symbols).   Contemplating whether to do the NS or CSX.  Any info would be appreciated


Date: 02/13/20 14:52
Re: CSX Near Mooresville, NC
Author: btr5353

The Terrell Sub is the closest, it’s on the opposite side of Lake Norman from Mooresville.  But it’s a branch to a power plant, so not a lot of action there.  Further south in Charlotte, you’ve got the Charlotte subdivision, you’ve got more traffic heading/coming from the east to Charlotte than you do heading west.  Your best bet would be NS through Salisbury for volume.  Salisbury is probably just as close to Mooresville as Charlotte, and just a bit farther away than the Terrell Subdivision.

Date: 02/13/20 16:22
Re: CSX Near Mooresville, NC
Author: ctillnc

You won't see 20+ CSX trains a day unless you go to the former ACL main line down east. It's 2 hrs 40 minutes to Florence SC, Dillon SC, or Fayetteville NC. Maybe 10 minutes faster to Pembroke NC but it's a very small town.

Date: 02/13/20 19:03
Re: CSX Near Mooresville, NC
Author: SpeederDriver

More traffic north of Pembroke???

Date: 02/14/20 04:20
Re: CSX Near Mooresville, NC
Author: ctillnc

After PSR, not much difference.

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