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Eastern Railroad Discussion > FEC GP40-2 428 on a rail train

Date: 02/14/20 12:40
FEC GP40-2 428 on a rail train
Author: Lackawanna484

428 has been handling the rail train, currently dropping new rail for the single line between Stuart and Fort Pierce.  Other work in the area involves contractors installing new fiber optic conduits south of Stuart, apparently anticipating the new second track. Huge spools of conduit in six colors.

The long train has impacted many businesses in the area. It has been out on the trestle and (down) St Lucie River bridge for 30 minutes at a clip, undoubtedly angering the boating community. And, blocked both entrances to two yacht basins, and the popular Tide House restaurant.  No sign of any work in the north shore area about installing the second track / upgrading of the RIO siding.

Date: 02/16/20 21:14
Re: FEC GP40-2 428 on a rail train
Author: exopr

I like that paint scheme, simple but attractive.  Thanks for posting.

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