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Date: 02/14/20 14:53
what is NS34 Research unit
Author: md

Kudos to Virtual Railfan website but what is this that passed through Horshoe Curve this morning at 10:01AM?

Date: 02/14/20 15:08
Re: what is NS34 Research unit
Author: biff

Its one of their geometry trains.

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Date: 02/14/20 15:24
Re: what is NS34 Research unit
Author: NSDash9

NS has two active track geometry train sets.

The one shown here consists of NS Research 34 platform, which was built on the frame and trucks of what was originally N&W SD35 1530. It contains sensing and measuring equipment for track geometry and rail profile (rail wear), as well as the the power supply for itself and NS Research car 33, and is weighted to deflect the track. The Research 33 car contains the recording and processing equipment for the data supplied by NS 34.

The second set includes NS Research platform 38 "The Brick", which was rebuilt using the frame and trucks of former NS/NW EMD SD40 1620, which is mated with NS Research car 36. This pair works in the same manner as described with NS 34/33.

Chris Toth

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