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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Strange sight on CSX in NE Ohio

Date: 05/21/20 09:31
Strange sight on CSX in NE Ohio
Author: Jettrainfan

I was on lunch at work (Brook Park, Ohio) and saw a westbound CSX intermodal pass by with two engines. As I watched, I noticed that the tail end of the intermodal had a covered hopper and a line of tankers (40-50?).

I didn't catch the ID or locomotive numbers (both GE), but the tail end probably passed Berea roughly 10 minutes ago.

Anyone know what this was and if it might be a new common practice?

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Date: 05/21/20 10:02
Re: Strange sight on CSX in NE Ohio
Author: Gonut1

Precision Scheduled Railroading, the new "normal". Certainly not traditional railroading.

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