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Date: 05/21/20 15:39
Great Lakes Central Locomotive Roster Update
Author: chapmaja

The Great Lakes Central Operates the northern portion of the orginal Ann Arbor Railroad, as well as the former Grand Rapids and Indiana (later, Pennsy, Penn Central and Michigan Northern) line from Cadillac to outside Petosky and the former CSX (C&O, Pere Marquette) trackage that remains arouns Traverse City. 

The railroad inheritated the entire fleet of former AA GP-35's which ran on Alco trucks from the units that were traded in for them. The units were assigned by the owner, the State of Michigan, to the GLC's predecessor the Tuscola and Saginaw Bay in the early to mid 80's. The GLC purchased the assets of the TSBY in about 2006 and remained the railroad a more geogprahically appropriate name, the Great Lakes Central. The remaining operational units are running most the the same line they ran when they were delivered new in 1964. 

The current roster of the railroad is 

GLC 329 SD40-2 (not yet in GLC paint)
GLC 382 SD40-2 
GLC 385 (original AA unit,  out of Service in Owosso)
GLC 390 GP-35 (original AA unit, in service)
GLC 391 GP35 (original AA unit, out of service, but most likely of the the OOS GP35's to be fixed)
GLC 392 GP35 (original AA unit, in service)
GLC 393 GP35 (original AA unit, in service)
GLC 394 GP35 (original AA unit, out of service, may never have been repainted into GLC paint). 
GLC 395 GP38-2 (in service)
GLC 396 GP38-2 (in service)
GLC 397 GP38-2 (in service)
GLC 398 GP38-2 (in service)
GLC 399 GP38-2 (out of service being repaired, hit a road grader last November and suffered front end damage). 
GLC 2126 25T shop switcher. 
GLC 1977 NW-2 (unit still shows on roster, but has been sitting at an industry OOS for years in Farwell, Mi, supposedly used as a bumper / spotting marker for tank cars at the facility, still in TSBY paint)

Former AA 386 was supposedly scrapped in the mid 1980's, 
Former AA 387 was to be scrapped, but was then repurchased by the TSBY and sat for close to two decades behind the shops in Owosso before being scrapped). 
Former AA  388 was wrecked in a collision with a milk truck. The unit sat for years in the yard, getting stripped of parts, before being scrapped. I don't know the date it was scrapped but it was wrecked prior to 7-18-2002. 
Former AA 389 was scrapped in 2018. This unit had been operational on the GLC, but had not been repainted into GLC colors from TSBY's colors. 

The GLC also had at least two, if not three former Southern High Hood GP35's as well. 
TSBY 2648 operated for several years for the TSBY and wore TSBY paint until being scrapped with 389 in 2018. It first appears in Owosso in 1998, which is likely when all three ex-Sou units arrived (2646, 2681)
TSBY 2681 never was repainted into TSBY colors and operated until sometime around the GLC purchase of the TSBY. The unit would sit in Owosso for over a decade before meeting the same fate as 389 and 2648. 

The one unit in question is 2646. This unit has only been witnessed personally in 1 photograph. It was back in the weeds with 387 behind the Owosso shops for a period of time, but appears to have been sold to the Eastern Idaho Railroad, repainted and renumbered 3518. The unit was then sold in 2008 and reconfigured as a GP38-2. 

The railroad, as the TSBY,  also had, at one time some old Alco's, 466(RS2), which has since been scrapped by the Michigan Southern was a former D&M unit and RS-1 2394, which as of last report (2016) sits in Coopersville, Mi at the Coopersville and Marne yard with a blown crankcase.
Additionally, the TSBY at one time had three ex Chessie system GP9's at the Owosso shops. Nobody I have talked to recalls ever seeing this units operate however. They were 5967, 6515, and 6541. Their disposition following their time on the TSBY is unknown to me. 

If anyone has any additional information on the railroad or its locomotives, please feel free to share. 

Date: 05/21/20 18:33
Re: Great Lakes Central Locomotive Roster Update
Author: krm152

An interesting update.  Thanks.

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