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Date: 07/29/20 06:50
Chipping Away A Slow Process
Author: NSSpike

For the better part of the last10 weeks workers have been busy chipping away at the solid rock ledge on the south side of the NS East End main line at the location of the new GA-92 Hi-Way grade separated underpass of the NS main line in Douglasville Georgia. During the past two years construction crews, working from the north in a southward direction completed two thirds of the new NS main line bridge and the East Strickland St bridge over the new by-pass hi-way. Rock removal will allow for the completion of the NS main line bridge and half of the US-78 Hi-Way bridge.

The link below after more then a year of preparation picks up with the early stages of the construction of the northern two thirds of the new NS main line bridge.https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?2,4687731  

Rock removal during this phase of construction has to be handled with special care as low charge blasting is minimal and care must be taken not to damage the two concrete abutments supporting the new NS mainline bridge. This past Sunday I stopped by the job site and took a couple of pictures of the current status.

#1. From the center of the 4 lane divided hi-way Ga-92 looking northward in March 2017. 

#2. Running east bound with 6 NS ponies premium service NS 226 Shreveport, LA (UP ZLCAI / KCS IZLCAI) - Atlanta, GA crosses over the new bridge. Power was: NS #8183, #4173, #4229... 

#3. Last three units of the 6 ponies on today's train. NS #8002, #4209 & #8142  

Thanks for stopping by and always be safe when out track side!!!

Phil Maton
Villa Rica, GA

Date: 07/30/20 06:02
Re: Chipping Away A Slow Process
Author: cjvrr

Thanks for continuning to share updates on this project.

CV the civil E in NJ

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